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Manufacturing Engineer

Location: South Bay (Mountain View)         posted: 11.25.19

Interested candidates send resume to:  Google LLC, PO Box 26184 San Francisco, CA 94126 Attn: V. Murphy. Please reference job # below:

Manufacturing Engineer (Mountain View, CA) Design, develop, modify and/or test hardware needed for various Google projects. #1615.45645 Exp Incl: Flex PCB dsgn, review, & mfg; hw test equip; Cadence & Allegro tools; creation of dsgn & fabrication guides for PCB designers; auditi process controls in Flex PCB suppliers mfg plants; Dsgn of Experiments for hw tech & high-speed comm devices; design sw automation for checks on PCB dsgn using Valor- Mentor Graph; dsgn & dev high speed, low loss antenna flex circuits & LDS antenna interconnect modules; & provide tech supp to dev mach learning techn applied in hw PCB/ Flex dsgn & fabrication. Trvl Req’d.

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