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Site Reliability Engineer

Location: San Francisco (San Francisco)         posted: 09.01.20

Keep Truckin, Inc. is seeking a Site Reliability Engineer for its San Francisco, California office.

Job Duties: Responsible for designing, scaling, and managing backend IT infrastructure. Work with AWS-based
platforms, automate distributed systems, scale a fast-growing platform, and maintain high availability. Automate 
the provisioning, scaling, and management of infrastructure using Configuration as Code and Configuration 
Management. Continuously improve the monitoring and alerting capabilities of our platform. Identify and remove 
bottlenecks from systems in production.

Requirements: Bachelor's or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Information Systems,
Telecommunications Engineering, or a related field. Plus three years of experience in: Using infrastructure as a 
code tools such as cloudformation and terraform; Writing scripts for automation using Bash, Python, Go or Ruby; 
Monitoring, logging and debugging web applications; Configuring and deploying microservices; and Docker containers. 

Job Order number must be indicated on your response.

Please send resume to:
Kirk Okenquist, Job# 1009
Keep Truckin, Inc.
55 Hawthorne Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94105

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