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Design Verification Engineer [Multiple Positions Available]

Location: South Bay (Cupertino)         posted: 02.21.23

EMPLOYER: Apple Inc.

JOB TITLE:          Design Verification Engineer [Multiple Positions Available]

JOB ID: 8415654  

JOB DESCRIPTION: Apple Inc. has multiple positions available for Design Verification Engineers in Cupertino, CA. Ensure correct functioning of central processing units (CPUs) to be used in mobile devices such as phones, tablet computers, Macs, and other products in development. Understand full chip cache coherence protocols and functioning of various units of a microprocessor that are relevant in memory subsystem verification like the Load-Store unit, various levels of cache, and bus interface units. Take into account system level considerations for memory subsystem verification. Verify memory subsystem, cache coherence protocols, and various algorithms used in the CPU by developing stimulus either through assembly level programs or transactors, developing necessary checkers, analyzing code and functional coverage, debugging failures in both pre and post silicon environments, root-causing problems, and proposing design fixes for the processor. Set up test benches using CPU and System-on-Chip (SOC) components to stress memory subsystem interaction. Develop synthesizable Verilog transactors, collect coverage, and develop abstract end-to-end checks on test bench to verify CPU-SOC memory subsystem interaction and coherence protocols. Use novel techniques such as formal verification, emulation/field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology, as well as industry standard tools and languages to verify CPUs. $130,000.00 - $196,500.00/yr.

CONTACT: To apply, email your resume to:, with reference to Job ID: 8415654. Apple is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity. We also take affirmative action to offer employment and advancement opportunities to all applicants, including minorities, women, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

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