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Senior Software Engineer

Location: South Bay (Santa Clara)         posted: 07.14.20

Job Duties: Serve as an embedded system/software developer working in state-of-the-art security for OS platforms. Design and implement mobile and embedded security components for multiple mobile OS platforms. Engage in software engineering for embedded devices, secure coding and implementing, secure cryptographic techniques into embedded devices, and sophisticated tools and methods including Linux, Java, Android, OpenSSL, Assembly language, Python and ARM processor.

Oversee development of user space *NIX applications and middleware.  Adopt new technologies as deemed necessary, in collaboration with team.  Develop embedded software apps on unix-based platforms. Perform API design and implementation, and POSIX multi-threaded development using pthread API, and socket programming.  TCP/IP based development utilizing REST API in C/C++ OpenGL/ES based very simple apps, C/C++, gdb, GNU toolchain, fit, repo Java, gradle, openembedded, yocto, and write simple mobile apps for the purpose of sample code. 

Job Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree or the foreign degree equivalent in engineering, computer science, industrial engineering or a related degree plus 3 years of experience as an Engineer, Software Engineer, Contractor or a related position.  Experience must include:

Designing, developing, testing, and debugging of real-time embedded software and firmware applications for Network Switching products.

Development and maintenance of Linux kernel and the development environment for an embedded real-time system.

Patching and porting Unix/Linux kernel for new BSPs, CPU architectures, as well as memory and storage foot print and performance optimizations.

Mail Resume to:

MagicCube, Inc. 3979 Freedom Circle, Suite 610, Santa Clara, CA 95054                     

Attn: Job Code 2001 

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